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  • Consultation available to EMDR Trained Therapists
  • To utilize your basic training and transform it into effective application with clients
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Teletherapy is now available for clients who meet outpatient therapy criteria. Please call for a 20-minute free consultation.

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Juanita Harb, Ph.D.

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Teletherapy is now available for clients who meet outpatient therapy
criteria. Please call for a 20-minute free consultation.
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                                                 Offering Individual Consultation Hours to EMDR-trained Therapists

Join Juanita Harb, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist and EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training, for individual consultation for EMDR therapists who have completed an EMDRIA-approved Basic Training.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist~College Instructor  10+ years, and EMDRIA Consultant-in-Training.

Consultation is open to all licensed therapists who have completed an EMDRIA-approved Basic Training. You will be able to accrue the maximum 10 hours of individual 1:1 consultation hours (if you desire) to become an EMDRIA Certified therapist.


Required reading are the first 11 chapters of the 3rd edition of Francine Shapiro's Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy.

*Required Reading Note: If you have the 2nd edition, published in 2012, is also acceptable.

What will be covered in your individual sessions follows:

  • What the adaptive information processing model means in clinical practice.
  • Agreement between you and me.
  • EMDR Case Inquiry Form for each of the clients you present.
  • Development of a Target List for Reprocessing/Clustering similar events. 
  • Container and Calm/Healing Place Installation
  • Resource Development Installation (RDI). Nurturing mother, Protective mother, Spiritual Figure.
  • Cadence Comment Supports (assess for client variability).
  • Target versus Channel clearance. 
  • Transcript or video for my review of your sessions with clients.
  • Signed release of information forms for transcript or video reviews of cases.


To facilitate learning and the practice of the basic EMDR Level 1 & II training by bridging basic training with effective application. 

Frequently, the information contained in this webinar is not included in Level 1 & Level 2 trainings. This webinar will help you to start crossing the bridge from basic training to practicing EMDR with your clients. 

Individual Fees:

$125.00 per 60 minutes

Individual Fees: Payment for each 60-minute individual session for EMDR Consultation is $125. Payment is taken at the time of your individual session. I require 48 hours’ notice if you are going to cancel an individual session; otherwise you will be charged for the session.

Payment options (check one): Check____ Credit Card_____ /Type: Visa, Master Card, AMEX, or ______(please enter type of credit card).  Payment by check – Make checks payable to Juanita Harb, Ph.D. 

 Payment by Credit Card: *My signature below affirms that I agree to have Juanita Harb, Ph.D. charge my credit card for individual consultation sessions. 

Name on Credit Card:____________________________________________ 

Credit Card Billing Address:________________________________________________________________________________


Type of credit card: Visa (   ), Master Card (   ), AMEX (    ), Other______(name of credit card)

Card Number:__________________________________    Exp. Date:________ 

CVS Code:_____________   Zip Code:_________________ 

Signature:________________________________  Date Signed:____________

I affirm that I have read and agree to the refund policy above and that I have completed an EMDRIA Approved basic training in EMDR.

Signature:_____________________________ Date:___________________ Sign and return this registration page with payment to. Payment and paperwork must be received prior to the start date of the consultation. 

Mail via US mail to: Juanita Harb, Ph.D. Roseville Psychotherapy 2436 Professional Drive, Suite 400 Roseville, CA 95661 Phone (916) 225-6311 

OR complete, scan, and Email to: [email protected]? Contact:

Juanita Harb, Ph.D. (California License #PSY 25561)
[email protected] 

Phone: 916-225-6311 

Go to: www.rosevillepsychotherapy.net 

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